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Today, I am at Overboard Bar & Grill in Inver Grove Heights.

This is a always a sad time at a marina, if you like boats. Overboard is adjacent to Twin City Marina.

I am watching the HUGE lift the marina uses to pull the boats from the water and take them to storage, make its way to the launch. While at Overboard you can sit on the deck overlooking the river, boat docks, and the lift at work, just a stone's throw away. There is also a patio outside which has a good view of HOLY MOLY you should see the size of the houseboat they just pulled from the water and now is hanging 5 feet above the asphalt parking lot as they wash its underside! Sorry, I digress.

Inside, there is seating near the windows that lets one see much of the same action. It is not very large, with more seating available between the combination of the deck and patio than there is inside- but that outside accommodates over 60 people (seated).

Overboard has a full service bar, a few taps, and standard bar food/pizza, except for the AWESOME Jumbo shrimp cocktail I just devoured!

Looking for more certificates,

Kurt E.

Good food-good value
BBQ beef on a bun
Their roast beef on a bun
Potato salad coleslaw
Strawberry shake
$20.00 retail
Tim and Ann

Let Dan know I went to El Paso- very typical rural small town bar- except it is in the basement! Actually it is half buried, like a split-entry house, with the windows just above ground level. LARGE banquet/party area upstairs. Lots of snowmobiles in the parking lot. They had a Calamari strip special (Saturday) and a huge Rueben. And, they had Drambuie, so I could have a Rusty nail! I enjoyed the place very much and WILL go back.

Going for the bloody and pizza next time..................
On Friday, February 19, 2021, 11:20:17 AM CST, Shopping Show

So recently I had the opportunity to purchase the Turtle Lake casino certificate. I called The Turtle Lake casino hotel to make my reservation and was greeted with something unexpected. The lady I talked to on the phone asked me what type of room I would like. And I asked her what the certificate covered and she said this. She named off five different types of rooms that I could use this certificate on. After she was all through I couldn't believe what I heard her say so I asked her to repeat it and she did. Two of the things she listed were a queen suite and a king suite. I thought about it for a second and decided I only needed a queen suite because the king suite would be much too large for just one person.

I absolutely could not believe your certificate for the Turtle Lake casino covered any room at their hotel. I am still in shock. My vacation is soon approaching. I want to thank you and your staff so much for all that you do because you made this simple vacation for me absolutely perfect. Thank you.

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