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Empty Bowls Fills HHS Cafeteria

On April 12th several hundred community members lined up at supper time to support the Empty Bowls event held at the Hastings High School. This 15th annual fundraiser pairs the artistic talents of Hastings students in Bert Casperson’s Ceramics class, with a shared goal to fight hunger. Students prepare months in advance by turning and sculpting clay bowls of all colors and shapes, which are then donated to the fundraiser each spring. Monies raised are divided between the local food shelf, Hastings Family Service and Heifer International, which supports self sustaining livestock purchases so that impoverished families can improve their standard of living.
Executive Director of Hastings Family Service, Chris Koop shared her experience with the event.

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She also shared some exciting news on the outcome of this year’s Minnesota Food Share month.

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Koop also noted that more than $26,000 was raised by the Hastings tastings event and thanked the community for continuing to support projects such as Empty Bowls to provide funding that helps families and individuals avoid food insecurity.

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