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Vermillion Corridor Study Completed

At the Hastings city Council meeting on April 16th, a presentation was made to provide a general overview of the final recommendationsr regarding the Vermillion Street Corridor Study, which was made by Houseal Lavigne Associates, a consultation firm from Chicago. During the presentation,several examples and recommendations were given to use priorities and suggestions made by city staff, department heads, stakeholders and a community advisory coalition over the course of many months in what would generate the outcome to develop a revitalized Vermillion Street Corridor.

Many factors were considered in the plan that divided the corridor into 4 segments, each with unique challenges and assets. In general, the consultant recommended numerous policy and project recommendations. The vision for the corridor offers a time frame for implementation ranging from short- up to 2 years; medium between 3-6 years; and long term, in the future 7 or more years out. Key actions will lay the foundation for capital projects, with costs to the city assessed as well depending on the scope of each project. Potential partnerships were also identified to involve those most able to affect positive changes and growth. We’ll look at many of the proposals for the corridor all this week in our KDWA newscasts.

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