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Pierce County Fills Prescott Chief Position

From the Prescott City Administrator, comes the announcement today that the Prescott Police Commission has announced its plan to work with the Pierce County Sheriffs Office during its transition for the hiring of a new Chief of Police. According to a press release issued by City Administrator Jayne Brand, starting August 1st, Pierce County Investigator Doug Ducklow will be serving as the Chief for the Prescott Police Department.
Investigator Ducklow will assist with policies and procedures and provide training to employees that need specific training or mandated training. The council recently approved the purchase of the management tool LexiPol which will be used to organize the training procedure. Investigator Ducklow will be considered an office chief but will answer to emergencies as needed. Investigator Ducklow will remain under the supervision of the Pierce County Sheriff. The City of Prescott will reimburse the County for his salary, fringe benefits and mileage. The press release also states that the Prescott Police Commission, Mayor and Council appreciate the cooperation of Sheriff Hove and her department during this transition.

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