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AAUW To Discuss Hastings Drinking Water

People interested in learning about Hastings’ particular challenges with drinking water are invited to attend a free meeting of the Hastings AAUW Chapter, at St. Philip’s Lutheran Church Monday, September 23rd. At 7:30 pm, speaker Jill Trescott of the Dakota County Groundwater Protection Unit will provide an update on the County’s efforts to update its 2006 Groundwater Plan to address the health and availability challenges of the local water supply. Nick Egger, who is the Hastings Public Works Director, will discuss the City’s brief boil water issue from 2018 and decision to start chlorinating the water. According to Hastings City Council member Tina Folch, based on the State of Minnesota’s new Groundwater Protection Rule, Hastings is expected to be designated as a Level 2 Mitigation Area for nitrates, the most serious initial designation. Of the municipal water suppliers in the state with nitrate issues, Hastings has the largest Drinking Water Supply Management Area (DWSMA) at 59,295 acres and is the second largest in terms of population served. The County Groundwater Plan will especially address the County’s response to its nitrate challenge. Questions about the event can be directed to Folch at 651-304-0652.

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