UPDATE- Skeletal Remains Found at CVS Construction Site

On Wednesday, August 6th at the CVS construction site in Hastings, construction crews were in the process of digging on site when they came across skeletal remains. Authorities were contacted and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Hastings Police, and the Hennepin County Medical Examiner were on site.

According to an email sent out from Hastings Police Chief Bryan Schafer, late Wednesday night, August 6: “…What we believe at this time is that the skeleton is that of a middle-aged female, most likely buried in the early 1800’s. This is based on preliminary examination of the bones and other materials around it (i.e. remnants of a wooden coffin). A full report will be available within the next week or so. Both police and anthropologists are finished processing the scene so construction can continue. We will communicate that to the site foreman as well. I do not intend this becoming a criminal investigation…”

Field Superintendant, Jim Geshke, from the F.J. Piette Company was at the site when the remains were found and he talks about the find.

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KDWA also spoke with Hastings Police Chief, Bryan Schafer:

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