Project Share Lives On

44 years ago Project Share was started by KDWA radio and the First National Bank of Hastings as not only a way to kick-off the Christmas season but raise money for Hastings Family Service. Through it’s 44 year history Project Share raised over $750 thousand dollars. Last year was the last year that KDWA and the First National Bank of Hastings held the “live radiothon” to raise money. KDWA, the First National Bank and Hastings Family announce that this long time community assistance organization Project Share will continue its legacy. Project Share is now a permanent part of Hastings Family and will continue it’s long time legacy as it’s Christmas giving service. Executive Director Chris Koop gives the details.

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First National Bank Branch President Chad Collignon is optimistic about the future of Project Share.

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KDWA radio station owner Dan Massman released this statement: I am honored and happy that Hastings Family Service has chosen to take the 44 year legacy of Project Share and continue its legacy. Hastings Family Service is one of the few organizations that can and will continue this long community Christmas program. Thank you to Smead Manufacturing and all the school, church and community groups that made Project Share a success over the past 44 years.

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