Riveness and Hollenbeck Step Down

The end of 2014 brings a fond farewell to two Hastings City Councilmembers. Longtime members Ed Riveness and Barb Hollebeck will be stepping down at the end of this year. Ed Riveness has served on the council for a total of 24 years, coming out of his first retirement to fill in for council member Mike Slavik in 2012 when Slavik was elected to the Dakota County Board of Commissioners. In his time on the council, Riveness has been a part of some of the city’s biggest changes; from the implementation of a citywide computer system to the start of the Riverfront Renaissance project. Barb Hollenbeck completes eight years on the council where among other duties she represented Hastings on the Red Rock Corridor Commission and championed such projects as the Riverfront Renaissance and the redevelopment of the Hudson Manufacturing facility. Hollenbeck is leaving the council to focus on more personal agendas like her downtown business, Second Childhood.

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