Crime Alert from the BCA

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has issued a crime alert. The alert was issued in response to a series of fraudulent phone calls made to area residents with the caller representing themselves as an officer from the Chisago County Sheriffs department. The caller informs the resident that there is a warrant requiring payment by credit card to satisfy a fee due and that the resident should leave immediately from their home and turn themselves in at the sheriffs office. The caller has identified themselves as Deputy Arrowwood, Deputy Bray or Lieutenant Hernandez in previous calls. The calls have been received in multiple counties and the sheriff suggests contacting your local law enforcement if you receive any requests to give personal information or payment over the phone by credit card to an unknown caller. As a reminder, the sheriff does not contact people by phone for such matters and anyone who receives a suspicious call of this type can call 651-319-7309.

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