Lake Rebecca Debuts Dock

On Wednesday morning a crew from the city joined DNR staff to construct and install the fishing pier at Lake Rebecca. The original plan from last week was put on hold while some corrections were made to the 60 foot wooden and aluminum structure that floats on large polystyrene platforms. Workers assembled the t-shaped pier, then anchored it to 16 foot mooring columns that keeps the floating platform in place. Installation of the hand railing along the perimeter completed the task just before the heavy rain rolled in allowing plenty of time to debut the long awaited upgrade for this weekend’s River Town Days. Soon , some excavation and grading on the launch slope will take place with a metal ramp set into the shore for a secure loading space. The ramp was made possible by a partnership between the Parks and Recreation Department and the Minnesota DNR, each contributing about 4,000 each to provide access for fishing on the 23 acre city owned lake.

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