Citizen Workshop For 2040 Plan

Christopher Janson, MSA consultant project manager for the 2040 Comprehensive plan update project, led a 90 minute session on Thursday August 3rd, that welcomed community members to provide input for the long- term vision for the City of Hastings. A turnout of 5 residents, brought the conversation to a single table as each participant gave their perspective on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the forward motion of the community as a whole. Discussion included the preservation of history as well as the possible missing components that could ensure additional industrial, business, affordable housing, transit, and workforce success. Common topics of beautification, development and mobility elicited different responses from each, with the addition of the riverfront amenities, the new bridge, growing arts community, health services and education opportunity mentioned among those benefits on which to build. In the minus column were workforce deficits, intra-city public transit, enough affordable housing, walkability and commerce gaps as well as lack of branded lodging choices, adequate meeting and convention space and insufficient industrial park incentives. Planning will continue with more community involvement opportunities as well as online resources that include a survey and listing of priorities identified by council, commission and community responses. Janson will also be a guest on Community InDepth scheduled later in August.

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