School Phone Survey

ISD 200 is starting a phone campaign to raise awareness of the bonding and levy vote on the ballot for Tuesday, November 7th. Starting today, Monday, October 9th, volunteers from the community will be calling Hastings residents from 5 PM to 8 PM. The phone campaign will run until Thursday, October 12th. The volunteers will be asking if residents support the school bond vote, the school levy vote or if they have any further questions about either. ISD 200 Superintendent Tim Collins said the he doesn?t want residents to think that these are prank or telemarketer calls, and enthusiastically encourages the public?s involvement in the campaign by answering the calls and responding to the questions. Information about the phone campaign will also be available on the District?s website, Facebook page, and a possible district-wide email sent to parents and senior citizens enrolled in Community Ed.

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