Senator Schoen Faces Allegations

In a late breaking story first published in an article on Wednesday, November 9th in MinnPost, Senator Dan Schoen has been implicated by multiple females for alleged inappropriate behavior and sexual harrassment. The article, written by journalist, Briana Bierschbach, quotes 2 of the women who provided specific details of being touched or spoken to in an overtly sexual manner, each reporting the incident to Representative Erin Murphy, who also informed others following a 2015 and 2016 report by women in the political arena. Murphy provided comments to MinnPost for the article. In reaction to the statements the women said were made by Schoen, he categorically denies the reports and suggests his comments or actions have been misconstrued or taken out of context and that he apologizes if they embarassed anyone or caused them to feel uncomfortable. Schoen is also a Police Officer for the City of Cottage Grove and served in St. Paul for two terms as a state representative before becoming a Senator. He is divorced and has children. DFL Minority Leader Tom Bakk was quoted in the article as calling for Schoen’s resignation from his position. Schoen has responded that he does not plan to resign. KDWA requested a comment from Senator Schoen that had not been returned by our broadcast deadline. We will feature his statement as soon as it is received.

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