Fire Chief Reviews Thorwood Timeline

After the fire at the Thorwood property on December 14th, a steady stream of visitors have stood near the corner of 4th and Pine, many in tears to see for themselves the result of the 5 alarm blaze that left the former showplace with charred walls, broken windows and a compromised exterior. Traffic cones continue to keep vehicles at bay, but many gathered on the corner as if at a wake for the broken residence that was remembered fondly for it’s historic contribution as a hospital, a residence or most recently as a retreat that drew rave reviews for it’s accomodations. On Friday, a small group of senior ladies stood pointing to the tattered curtains, the exposed beams and the framework that once supported the 3rd floor atrium, now blackened and twisted by the heat. In a statement released on Friday, HFD Chief Mike Schutt reported that the department responded to an alarm just after 2 am where they found several boiler units in the building had malfunctioned, igniting a small fire on the wall covering around the boiler unit. The homeowner was able to extinguish the fire prior to the arrival of the fire department after which personnel checked the area with a thermal imaging camera and confirmed the fire was extinguished. Nearly 3 hours later, A 911 call came at 5:28, with reports of a building in flames which were so strong that within minutes firefighters exited the building and went into a defensive operation aided by firefighters from 4 other community deparments. Chief Schutt said he anticipates getting more answers to the cause of the fire with an estimate on damages by early this week. Owners of the property, Dick and Pam Thorsen, who lived at the residence, are staying with family.

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