MyPayrollHR Fraud Announced In WI

Employees and businesses in Wisconsin are being encouraged to contact the WI Department of Revenue if the business is experiencing problems with payroll service provider MyPayrollHR. According to a press release issued on Thursday, Department of Revenue Secretary-designee Peter Barca and Department of Workforce Development Secretary-designee Caleb Frostman are jointly reaching out to provide assistance to both workers and businesses impacted by the sudden closure of MyPayrollHR. In early September, the CEO admitted to a massive $70M fraud that has negatively impacted all of their business customers and individuals employed by their business customers. The Department of Revenue identified approximately 180 Wisconsin businesses negatively impacted as a result of this massive fraud. Specifically, the September payments made on behalf of the businesses have resulted in insufficient funds, and will potentially subject the businesses to late payment interest fees and penalties. The department is seeking to hear from businesses impacted by the fraud to assist them in avoiding costly fees and penalties for missing those payments. Employees facing wage-related issues may contact the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Equal Rights Division at 608-266-6860 or fill out a Labor Standards Complaint form at   

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