Prescott Reviews Riverfront Plat

At the Prescott Parks and Public Property Committee meeting held on Monday, Greg Adams, and Dustin LaBlonde of Cedar Corp discussed the riverfront assessor plat. During the course of the meeting, the Committee discussed the underpass under the rail bridge, which has been proposed as an easement. There are also sanitary sewer lines and manholes which are on public property. According to the presentation, easements will need to be obtained for these lines. The Eagle Point Condos are within the public right of way of Kinnickinnic Street, so an adjustment in lot lines will be made to correct this issue. St. Croix Liquor and Geister Tattoo have a portion of their building which sits in the right of way, so the right of way was adjusted to give them the land they need. The front of a number buildings on Broad Street is within the public right of way, so this will also be adjusted. There were discussions if the easements should be recorded before the assessor plat is completed, or if it should be after. The Committee decided not to hold up the plat for recording of easements. The assessor plat will now move onto the railroad for their review.

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