LOOP Committee Meeting Recap

At a meeting of the Hastings LOOP Advisory Committee on November 17th, ridership stats for the period of July 30th through November 5th were discussed. According to the meeting minutes, among the eight LOOP routes, Hastings had the highest percentage of individuals using the LOOP to get to medical appointments. Hastings also has the highest percentage of diverted, or “on-demand” stops. Walmart is the most frequent destination, with Cub in second. The YMCA/Courage Kenny stop was the third place destination. Since moving Park Ridge, Tilden Community Center and Regina Senior Living to on-demand status, the on-time rate of the bus has improved significantly. At this time there are no new recommendations for changes to the route. The Committee also discussed sponsorship, and the fact that the budget is $2,000 short of being able to run the LOOP for a year.

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