City Council Approves HFD Training Agreement

At Monday’s meeting of the Hastings City Council, the Council authorized a rental agreement approving Hastings Fire Department’s use of the East Metro Public Safety Training Facility in Maplewood. According to the meeting agenda, in the past, Hastings Fire Department has acquired old structures within the Hastings service area to conduct live fire training. This has become difficult with lack of available and suitable buildings that the owners are willing to have burned. The 2019 budget included renting a facility, and the Fire Department hopes to accomplish this prior to the end of the year. The East Metro Public Safety Training Facility has a standard rental agreement for use of its facilities. Attorney Fluegel has reviewed the agreement and noted that charges are only incurred if the facility is used so there is no real commitment by the City. Administrative Services Director Flaten has confirmed that the City’s liability insurance meets the requirements of the agreement. The authorization was placed on the consent agenda for the meeting, and approved by unanimous voice vote.

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