Devney Family Recognized

The University of Minnesota Extension Service has named the Devney family of Farmington as Dakota County’s “2020 Farm Family of the Year” by the University of Minnesota. According to a press release issued by UM Extension, the Devney home farm of 392 acres has been in the family for 112 years. John Devney purchased the farm in 1908. His son, Mike, owned the farm from 1930 until 1968. That year, Mike’s son, John, took over the home farm. In 1983, a formal partnership was formed between John and his two sons, Mike and Pat. Today, Devenshire Farms is working to bring Mike’s son, Steven, into the partnership. Devenshire farm has grown over the years and now includes 2,600 acres. The family grows corn, soybeans and hay. They also raise canning crops of sweet corn, green beans and peas. The Devneys finish between 600 and 700 head of beef cattle annually. The Farm Family Recognition Program has existed for over 30 years and honors farm families from throughout Minnesota for their contributions to the agriculture industry and their local communities.

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(Devney Family. Photos Courtesy MN Extension)

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