Plans Unveiled For Prescott Courtesy Dock

At a recent meeting of the Prescott Public Works Committee, Street and Park Superintendent Mike Kinneman and Water and Sewer Superintendent Dennis Eaton brought the committee up to date on the courtesy dock. According to the meeting minutes, the wood being used to rebuild the dock has a lifetime guarantee, and comes from South America. The dock width will be 8 feet and 300 feet long. The dock will be placed so that some small boats can park on the land side of the dock. Fourteen foot pilings will be put in for the dock. The dock will raise and lower as the water raises and lowers. There will be a switch back docking system with an 8′ X 8′ platform. There will also be a set of stairs for people to walk down. There was also discussion if the city should also be looking at a fishing dock down by the boat launch.

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