Council To Consider Liquor License Sanction

The Hastings City Council will be asked to consider a resolution to sanction the license of a local liquor store as a result of alleged consumption by an underage person. According to information provided to the Council, on July 15, the Hastings Police Department was notified that a juvenile female consumed a large amount of alcohol that resulted her being hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. It was determined that an 18-year-old male purchased the alcohol for the female at Jake’s Discount Liquor. Additional investigation discovered an employee sold a bottle of vodka to the 18-year-old male without asking for identification. The 18-year-old male and the store clerk have each been charged with a gross misdemeanor charge of furnishing alcohol to a minor. The Council was notified prior to the proposed Resolution being sent to the liquor license holder and no Council member objected to the presumptive penalties. The license holder has signed the Resolution, therefore, no hearing is necessary and the Resolution can be approved without discussion. The Resolution was placed on the Consent Agenda for the September 7th City Council meeting.

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