Charges Filed Against Day Care Owner

An in-home daycare operator in Hastings is facing charges of assaulting a 4-month-old child after a police report was filed against the operator in January. According to available information, 37-year-old Megan Appert is charged with first degree assault, causing great bodily harm on a boy while in her care. The victim’s mother filed a report with police on Jan. 13 after the 4-month-old was admitted to a pediatric intensive care unit for a subdural brain bleed. The victim’s mother told officers her child had become ill the day before while staying at Appert’s day care. According to a physician, the boy had retinal hemorrhages, a result of shearing forces and seen in up to 85% of abusive head trauma cases. The physician determined that the amount of force required to cause the child’s injuries was far beyond what is appropriate in the routine care of handling a child. Appert appeared in court on May 17 and bail was set at $200,000. Appert’s next court appearance is scheduled for July 13 at 9 AM in Hastings. If convicted of the first-degree charge, Appert could face up to 20 years in prison and a $30,000 fine. Appert is presumed innocent until proven guilty by due process of law.

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