Fairy Wonderland Phase 1 Moving Forward

The Fairy Wonderland group in Prescott has notified the City that they would like to move forward with installation of the 1st phase of equipment of the Park. At the March 2022 Parks & Public Property Committee it was decided to wait until a more detailed plan was put together. Fairy Wonderland is currently estimating a delivery date for the equipment for Phase 1 on September 16, 2022. Currently the plan would be for the City to work with the Fairy Wonderland group to install the equipment, while Fairy Wonderland would be paying for all materials needed for installation. Additionally, Fairy Wonderland is working with Create Play to get specific installation drawings and working with additional contractors to handle the concrete footing installation and the curbing to go around the play equipment. The group has also had a very successful fundraising effort and is planning to put in the rubberized flooring around the equipment. A memorandum of Understanding will be considered by the Council at Monday evening’s meeting.

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