Haschig Retiring From DARTS

DARTS (Dakota Area Resources and Transportation for Seniors) has announced that their Director of Advancement, Steve Haschig, is retiring after more than 10 years with the organization, effective July 1. Haschig joined DARTS in 2011 to lead community outreach and fundraising efforts, and quickly became their “chief storyteller” as he made community connections, hearing community needs and sharing DARTS’ impact. He helped to recruit new volunteers and donors to DARTS work. During Steve’s tenure, he focused on events which allow new people to connect to the DARTS mission and in finding sponsors who resonate with the DARTS mission and work. Grants, business, and individual donations account for nearly 30% of DARTS revenue and gifts fund 100% of the Loop circulator routes in South St. Paul, West St. Paul and Hastings. DARTS is currently recruiting for its next Director of Advancement, by searching for another person for whom relationships are the best part of their work. Anyone interested can apply at DartsConnects.org/careers.

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