Dippel Weighs In On Book

In response to news surfacing regarding a controversial book available in the ISD 200 School system, Minnesota Senate District 41 candidate Tom Dippel sat down with Hastings School Board Member Carrie Tate to discuss issues of education in the district. Dippel discovered that the controversial book “Gender Queer”, which has sparked concern from parents, is available in Hastings Public Schools. According to a press release issued by Dippel’s campaign, several states have taken action to remove this book from schools, including the states of North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Florida. Countless local school boards have fought for the removal of this book for its sexually explicit content. Dippel commented that “the presence of graphic material such as this has clearly breached the trust of parents in Hastings”, adding that, “Minnesota must pass curricular transparency legislation that gives parents a seat at the table”. Clips of the interview can be found on Dippel’s Facebook page.

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