Vets Home Renovation Bill Laid Over In MN Senate

On Thursday, the MN Senate Capital Investment Committee heard Senator Judy Seeberger’s legislation to increase funding for renovations at the Hastings Minnesota Veterans Home. In response, Senator Seeberger is quoted as saying, recently, “Senate Republicans blocked a bonding bill that would have invested $1.5 billion into local infrastructure projects and repairs, created good paying jobs, and improved the lives of Minnesotans. Included in these blocked projects was my own bill to fund renovations for the Hastings Minnesota Veterans Home. This was a major setback, but I am still committed to fighting for this bill to pass to ensure these necessary renovations happen. Our veterans sacrificed their lives for this country and deserve, at a bare minimum, comfortable and well maintained housing and care. Their wellbeing, support, and quality of life will always be a top priority for me.” Senate File 1355 was laid over for inclusion in an omnibus bill.

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