Shirley Kilborn Passes

Television, movie, and podcasting personality, and Hastings High School graduate, Craig Kilborn, has reported that his mother, retired Hastings teacher Shirley Kilborn, has passed away. According to a post on social media, Craig said that Shirley grew up on a farm in Olathe, Kansas, and after moving to the area with her husband Hiram, became a school teacher in Hastings, recalling that “she would work during the day, then in the late afternoon, drive up to the University of Minnesota to get her Master’s Degree, then drive back to Hastings and pick me up from basketball practice.” When she finally retired, she was always volunteering. Mrs. Kilborn was 88 years old. Funeral arrangements were not released.

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(Shirley Kilborn. Photo: Courtesy Craig Kilborn)

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