HHS Threat Determined To Be “Invalid”

Hastings High School Principal Scott Doran reports that the high school was notified by a number of students and parents over the weekend regarding text messages circulating about a rumored threat to the school. Administration and law enforcement have conducted a thorough investigation. Principal Doran states that law enforcement has concluded that there is no validity to these rumors. In a statement, Principal Doran said, “We truly appreciate the information that was shared with us throughout this process, as well as the timely response from law enforcement. Their continued partnership with the school district is a key component to ensuring the safety of all.” ISD 200 reiterates that it is important to remind students to report rumors directly to administration or law enforcement and to not share unfounded information with peers. If your student has concerns, please have them stop by the counseling or administrative offices as they stand ready to assist. Safety is always the top priority and the District understands that these situations can be unsettling for students.

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