Hastings Creamery Closed By Met Council

The Hastings Creamery reports that the Metropolitan Council closed the creamery at 12:00 AM on Monday, June 5th due to FOGs (fats, oils, and grease) violations against the creamery’s water permit. According to a post on social media, Creamery management was informed that the creamery has been in violation since 2013 when the statute was first put into place. The current owners were not informed of these violations at the time of purchase in 2021 but have since been working with a consultant to achieve a system that will eliminate the FOGs from entering the city sewer. However, this plan will take time to implement. While the creamery does not deny that the violation has occurred, staff and management have been working diligently to correct equipment issues and train staff. The creamery will strive to keep the plant in operation so that plant employees can keep their jobs and the over 40 farm families can keep their dairies going as there is nowhere else for their milk to go. The Hastings Dairy Store across the street remains open at this time.

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