2023 Medallion Hunt Clue #1

Today’s clue from Edina Realty for the 2023 Rivertown Days Medallion Hunt is:

It’s Rivertown Days               

can I have your ear?

The time to seek the Medallion

is here!

Edina Realty is responsible

for the treasure’s stash.

On public city land

and the reward is cash.

You won’t have to burrow

or ascend up high.

You will have to work

you will have to try.

Go at it alone

or with a team

Finding the Medallion

would be a dream!

Tune in to KDWA tomorrow starting at 2:05 PM for the next clue, if the medallion has not been found yet. Clues can also be gotten directly from Edina Realty, 1640 S Frontage Road, Suite 101 in Hastings starting at 9 AM each morning until the medallion is found.

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