LeDuc Jam And Jelly Contest

The Hastings Area Historical Society will be celebrating General William LeDuc’s love of jams and jellies with a “Jam And Jelly” contest on Sunday September 10th, during Civil War Weekend. HAHS plans to come up with some fun categories to spread the accolades, (pun intended), and sometime after the Sunday mid-day meal, the General, Mariah, and an unbiased visitor will be the judges, using fresh bread off the fire. Those wishing to participate are encouraged to dig out some family recipes, buy some pectin and get going. HAHS also seeks a few good Home Bakers to make bread for the troops. They can accept them anytime and put them into the freezer for September 9-10. This all will be a fun way to participate in the LeDuc Civil War Weekend, September 9-10.

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