Meet ISD 200 Candidate Mariah Ring

Site Manager for the Le Duc Historic Estate, Mariah Ring, has announced that she running for the ISD 200 School Board this fall. Ring is a SEAS and HHS graduate with a degree in Public History from UW-Eau Claire, and has been the Site Supervisor of the LeDuc Historic Estate for the past 5 years. In addition, Ring has coached the Hastings Area Swim Team for 6 years. Ring says she is running for the school board because she “loves this community and wants to see it grow and flourish”. As a historian and a coach, Ring’s jobs are rooted in education, continuous learning, and improvement. Ring joins candidates Matt Seeger, Brandy Wentzler, and Mark Bruns in hopes of being elected to one of four positions this year.

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(Mariah Ring. Submitted Photo.)

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