Cannon Falls EMT Receives Award

The Minnesota 100 Club awarded Cannon Falls EMS Lt. Sulo Kyyra for selfless actions during an apartment fire that had trapped three children on April 19th. The fire department was not yet on scene and a decision was made to break some windows with hopes of finding the children. They did not see anything with the first window removed, so they moved to a second. With the glass not yet cleared, Lieutenant Kyyra could see feet. As soon as the glass was removed, he dove into a smoke-filled apartment and grabbed the first child and handed them out the window. He then went back and found another child as the conditions within the apartment were quickly deteriorating. He tried to return a third time, but a burning hot curtain rod fell striking him on the head. As he exited the apartment, the volunteer fire department arrived to finish rescuing the third child. The EMS lieutenant helped fight the fire to make the conditions more favorable for the firefighters to finish the rescue. Two of the three children are alive due to efforts of EMS Lieutenant Kyyra that day. The award was presented to Lt. Kyyra at a ceremony on October 24th.

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(Pictured L-R: Lanee Noble (MN 100 Club), TJ Kyyra, Sulo Kyyra, Ruby Kyyra, Ray Noble (MN 100 Club). Submitted photo.)

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