Council Opts Out of PFAS Agreement

From the Hastings City Council meeting on Monday, the Council met to discuss normal business, along with more on Hastings’ ongoing battle against PFAS in our drinking water, and how the community will raise funding to eradicate the chemical from local taps. The City Council voted unanimously to opt-out of the settlement from both 3M, and Dupont, giving them latitude to futher litigation against the companies in the future. The amount that would have been awarded, would be well short of the money needed to install, and maintain a plant to rid the water of PFAS. City Administrator Dan Wietecha talked about the reasons behind the opt out, the timing, and that opting out doesn’t necessarily mean immediate litigation against 3M and Dupont. Also hear from Councilperson Tina Folch on the situation. The vote passed on a 6-0 margin.

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