Raiders-Wolfpack Interrupted By Fire

If you were tuned in to the Hastings-Park Girls Basketball Opener on KDWA, Tuesday night, you may have noticed an extra long halftime break, and the fire alarm going off in the background. Only this wasn’t just a “pulled fire alarm” or a sophomore prank, this was the real thing. As HHS Staff toiled to clear the gym,. custodians were hard at work knocking out an active fire in a trash can in the metals shop. Quick work by the custodians mitigated any spread of the fire, which was contained to the area of the trash can. The smell of smoke lingered through the building the rest of the game, but HFD worked meticulously to make sure the school was safe, before the Raiders closed out their season-opening win over the Wolfpack. Chris Paulson with the Hastings Fire Department joined KDWA with more on the fire. (Photo Submitted by Ashley Alitz)

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