Former Councilman, Current Council Disagree

After the Hastings City Council unanimously passed a resolution to ask President Joe Biden and Leaders to stop the fighting between Israel and Gaza, in the last meeting, many in the community have asked KDWA Radio, what the resolution has to do with City Government, and why the Hastings City Council is dipping their collective feet in to National Politics. Former City Councilman Joe Balsanek joined KDWA for some perspective on the Council not being well-versed in National and World issues, that have very little impact on the Hastings community as a whole, especially being a non-partisan group. Meanwhile, City Councilperson Jen Fox joined us on behalf of the Council, who passed the resolution unanimously, letting residents know why the group felt the need to jump in the ring. Councilperson Angie Haus, who brought the idea to the council had no comment on the council meeting, or the resolution.

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