Outdoor Rink Flooding Underway

Next to “when does the new KFC open?”, the million dollar question to the KDWA Radio Studio over the winter, has been “when will the area skating rinks be flooded?”. The answer to the first question was answered two weeks ago, while the skating query is finally ready to be answered. KDWA News caught up with Cory Likes from the Hastings Parks and Recreation Department, as flooding has now kicked in to high gear across town. The one change to this shortened season, will be the absence of a hockey rink in the boards, at Pioneer Park. The late start, and inability to freeze the sand volleyball court underneath the ice, will prevent the hockey rink from opening, however, the skating rink right in front of the warming house will indeed be ready for skaters. Wallin Park and Lions Park should be status quo as past years, with the skating and hockey rinks available. Once the rinks are open, the warning shacks will also be open, and ready for use. The City of Hastings begs skaters to please stay off of the ice until the rinks are open for the season. You can call our hotline at 651-480-2392 for weather-related closures or text CITYRINKS to 888777 to receive text updates. Get the entire interview right here!

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