Former Dakota County Commissioner Pat Scully Passes Away

Longtime Dakota County Commissioner Pat Scully passed away peacefully on Wednesday, April 3. Scully was instrumental in the development of the Dakota County Parks system, most notably what is now known as Schaar’s Bluff. Scully was also instrumental in retaining Hastings as the county seat and was at the forefront of the land purchase for what is now the Dakota County Government Center. He was also the co-owner of Hastings Sanitary and Disposal for 27 years, served as a board member at what is now Flint Hills Resources, and was a Metropolitan Board Council Member.

Scully was an avid gardener with a love for his native Ireland and the city of Hastings. He was also an active member of the Knights of Columbus.

Former Hastings Mayor Paul Hicks gave his reaction.

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Scully was 98 years old.

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