City, State Officials Update Hastings Residents At PFAS Meeting

The much anticipated PFAS Meeting took place at Hastings High School on Thursday night. A packed house filled into the auditorium where they heard information about PFAS and the “forever chemicals” that have infiltrated Hastings and the water system. After that, a question and answer session took place where residents had their questions and concerns heard. In total, the meeting lasted about three hours. The meeting was attended by members of the City of Hastings, as well as representatives from the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Recently the city revealed that the guidelines had changed in regards to the levels of PFAS in the Hastings drinking water, hence the meeting taking place. The information session was done to educate the attendees on the chemicals, and how the city could potentially pay for it. The city is needing to get millions of dollars to fund three new water treatment facilities. Hastings (and the Veterans Home’s separate system) is one of 23 municipal water systems in MN affected by this guidance.

We have reached out to the City of Hastings for comment, stay tuned for more on that here on KDWA.


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