Longtime, Retiring SEAS Employee Named “Employee Of The Century”

Retiring SEAS teacher KATHY GLEICH was honored Tuesday as ?Employee of the Century? at a surprise gathering at the Hastings McDonald”s. Family, friends, co-workers and students showed up to pay tribute to Kathy and her 41 year teaching career.

The first job Kathy ever held was at McDonald”s as a teenager and there she developed a love for hard work. That stuck with her

Every time her students traveled somewhere, Mrs Gleich asked them to take a picture of the local McDonald”s and send to her. This resulted in thousands of pictures of McDonald”s restaurants all over the world, which she displayed in her classroom.

The McDonald”s corporation heard about this and decided to honor her with a McDonald”s jacket, other gifts and a reception.

Congratulations to Mrs Gleich and we wish her the best in her well-deserved retirement.

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