Sound From Prescott Softball Send Off

Wednesday around noon, the sirens started to blare, cheers began to erupt, final hugs were given, and then it was off to Madison for the State-Bound Prescott Cardinals Softball Team, escorted around and out of town by Prescott Police and Fire Departments, with a giant cheering squad in Downtown Prescott. KDWA’s Nick Tuckner was there for all of the fun, and was joined by all of the Junior and Senior Leaders for a fun, focused, and sometimes emotional interview. We talked with Ella Stweart, Leah French, Rory Zuehlsdorf, Jeanne Rohl, and Megan Richter, along with Head Coach Nick Johnson with some final words before the business trip began. Check out parts of the interview in our hourly sports updates the next two days, or listen to the whole thing, right here!

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