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Planned Development Goes Before Commission

At a public hearing held by the Prescott Plan Commission, Commissioners received comments from the developer and local residents concerning a rezone request from Pine Ridge Hillside, LLC, to rezone property in the Filkins-Harris Addition. Jim French, developer for the property, presented the request for rezoning from R-1 Mixed Residential to Planned Unit Development. The proposal is for 54 lots within the subdivision. The lots have been sized to help reduce the cost for putting in infrastructure. The houses will be affordable in the $250,000 to $270,000 range. Comments from local residents centered on lot size, whether the plat should remain as set out in 1979, amount of green space, and storm sewer capacity. Commissioners expressed concern about twin homes on slabs, the possibility of streets being vacated, and stormwater. The developer did state that this plan is for rezoning and they still have a number of issues they need to address, and assured the Commission that the smaller plot size would help to lower the cost of infrastructure needs, by spreading the cost over more individual plots. The Commission recommended approval of the rezoning request by unanimous voice vote.

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