New Fence For Briggs Frey Field

The Prescott Plan Commission deliberated a request for fencing and placing of signs on the Biggs Frey Varsity Softball Field at a regular meeting on November 4th. According to the meeting minutes, there is currently a non-permanent fence around the field. The plan is to put up a new fence and to have advertising signs on the fence. The signs would be 4 by 8 feet, and there would be 30 to 40 signs. The signs would be made of the same material as the signs which were placed at the baseball field. The signs have a life of about 5 years. Information presented to the Commission indicates the signs could potentially generate $21,000 in advertising revenue over a 3 year period. Wind screens would also be installed on the back side of the fence, and possibly shrubs. The fencing is scheduled to be constructed before Thanksgiving and the signs next spring. The Commission recommended approval of the project.

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