Local Biz Hits Pay Dirt

A recent appearance on the popular television show, Shark Tank, has again reaped benefits for the owners of Extreme Sandbox, owned by Hastings CEO Randy Stenger. An exclusive equipment sponsorship agreement has been announced with Komatsu America Corp, a leading heavy equipment manufacturer. Stenger was quoted in a news release on Wednesday that Our business has grown quickly and we are thrilled to announce our agreement with an equipment manufacturer that not only has a top reputation, but also is truly interested in partnering with us to support our national growth goals, He also stated that the sponsorship was another big game-changer for the company that started in Hastings with a second location set to open in northeast Texas in the middle of April. The association with the show and now a major player in an internationally known manufacturer, has opened some pretty big doors for the company that initially started just east of Hastings in a dirt and gravel lot that truly had a grass roots beginning.

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