Hastings Publishes Proposed 2020 Levy

The City of Hastings has published the 2020 proposed property tax levy, which has been set at $14,788,179. According to information on the city website. the property tax levy is the primary funding source for services including police protection, fire protection, and parks and recreation. The City levy is increasing 3.9% for 2020. However, due to growth within the city, the proposed property tax rate is actually decreasing 1.46% from the previous year. The City maintains a five year Capital Improvement Plan to plan for large upcoming purchases such as fire trucks, snowplows, and playground equipment. The 2020 budget sets aside approximately $50,000 to save for future planned purchases. The City strives to develop a budget that is in line with our CORE Values of clear communication, optimal service to the public, respecting the value of city resources, and enthusiastic commitment to supporting our citizens and businesses. The compete proposal is available at HastingsMN.gov.

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