Prescott Daze Discussion Continues

The Health and Safety Committee of the Prescott City Council met on November 18th to discuss the city relinquishing all control over Prescott Daze. The City’s insurance agent, Darrel Zaleski, gave a background of how the city took over control of Prescott Daze. According to the meeting minutes, there is not an issue with the city having a festival, but there is a gray issue between Prescott Daze and the City of Prescott. Lines have become blurred between the Prescott Daze Committee and the Council. As it is currently being handled, there is a chance the Prescott Daze Committee members could be brought in on a lawsuit. Prescott Daze needs to be clearly defined as a City of Prescott festival or the committee needs to become its own entity or handled by another group. Zaleski stated there are a number of other groups in other communities which handle festivals. Alderperson Gergen stated he would like to see Prescott Daze handled by someone other than the city. The city would always be liable no matter if the group is private or operating on their own since the events are being held on public property. Even though the Prescott Daze Committee has said there are unsanctioned activities, the city and committee would still be liable because the events are listed on the flyer. The Committee would like to have an informational meeting shortly after the first of the year with the Prescott Daze Committee and public before a final decision is made.

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