Foss And Swanson Achieves IRS Tax-Free Status

Local Veteran advocate Dean Markuson’s latest venture to serve veterans in the Hastings Area has cleared another hurdle. His endeavor, named “Foss and Swanson, Veterans” has been granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS. Markuson, who also headed up the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Campaign for Hastings, said in an email that the non-profit status was back dated to October 23, of 2019. According to Markuson, Foss and Swanson had been self-funded during the application process for non-profit status, and he encourages residents of the Hastings Area to consider a donation to the group, as donations are now tax deductible. Also, a fund raising event is in the planning stages for Labor Day weekend, with tributes planned for women veterans, Vietnam era veterans, and displays.

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