“Swingin’ On The River” Recap

The Hastings High School Show Choirs hosted the 21st annual “Swingin’ on the River” competition on Saturday at the high school auditorium. The event featured performances by 17 show choirs and 1,000 kids from around the upper mid-west. The competition lasted all day and is a fundraiser for the Hastings High School Show Choir program. Varsity competition winners were Vocalmotive from Bemidji in 1st, Rhythm in Gold of Bloomington Kennedy in 2nd, and Jefferson Connection of Bloomington Jefferson in 3rd. In the Prep category, La Voce Ballo of Bemidji took top honors, with Jive of Bloomington Jefferson in 2nd and West Salen’s Vivace coming in 3rd. There will be another chance to see both of the Hastings Show Choirs, Riverside and Dynamic Edition, perform at their post season show on Monday, March 7th at the high school. Tickets are available for the post season show in the high school commons area from 7:45 AM to 1:45 PM on school days.

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