Hwy 3 Project Begins

MnDOT has reported that construction of Hwy 3 between Co. Rd. 66 in Empire Township and 209th St. in Farmington will begin in June with a full closure of Hwy 3 in July. Crews will build a roundabout to improve safety at the intersection of Co. Rd. 66 and Hwy 3. The roundabout will also improve overall operation at the intersection and reduce delays at Co. Rd. 66. Additional project work will include constructing a trail on Co. Rd. 66 from Hwy 3 to Cascade Dr, a trail on the east side of Hwy 3 from Co. Rd. 66 to 209th St. W, a trail on west side of Hwy 3 from 205th St. to Willow St., drainage improvements, and landscaping. Construction is anticipated to be complete in November. For more information, visit the Hwy 3 project webpage.

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