Local Farmers Recognized

A commitment to continuous improvement in environmental and economic sustainability, a contribution to the body of agronomic research that pushes the needle forward on efficiency, and an innate call to be one’s personal best are the hallmarks of the American farmer. It is this steadfast spirit that the National Corn Growers Association tips its hat to every year as we salute farmers from across the country for their efforts and exceptional results in the National Corn Yield Contest. Through their efforts, NCGA members contributed valuable data that will help all growers overcome incredible obstacles as they continue to drive efficient and sustainable agricultural production. The Association is proud of the dedicated families and individuals who make up our rural communities and they earnestly salute this year’s winners. Curt Haler of Hastings, placed Third in the state I:Conventional Irrigated Class with a yield of 280.1669 bushels per acre. Gary Beskau of Hastings, placed Second in the state I:Conventional Irrigated Class with a yield of 281.8688 bushels per acre. And, Fred Bauer of Hastings, placed First in the state G:No?Till Irrigated Class with a yield of 307.8492 bushels per acre.

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